Benefits State Regulatory Agencies

Custom Tailored Software

Our software customizes to your existing applications, forms and processes. Our mission is to streamline, not change your CE administration model.

World Class Customer Service

Our world class customer service puts the stakeholders first. State agencies are assigned a single point of contact, simplifying the communication process. In addition, each licensee and education provider receives unparalleled customer service, all while dramatically lowering the call volume for state agencies.

Keep Data Safe & Secure

Security is our priority. Custom security protocols on top of industry standard measures exist within every facet of our software and business processes.

Lightning Fast Compliance Reports

Intuitive graphical and spreadsheet audit reports on licensee renewal data, CE compliance, education provider renewals, licensee feedback and so much more. Improved state agency control and informed decisions are the result.

Legislation Not Required is simply a software program to make the management of your CE program easier. Integration of’s software does not require regulatory changes. software is provided to state agencies at no cost.

Better Trained Professionals

Isn't that the point of any state mandated education program? Obtain transparent feedback from licensees based on a standard set of variables obtained by for total accountability. Confirm that licensees are obtaining the appropriate training through qualified education providers.

State Reporting State Regulated Agency Old Way

The Old Way

State Agencies are charged with managing their CE programs without the proper tools and support. State employees create custom systems without industry standard guidelines. The end result is often inadequate software, systems and licensee/provider support.

State Reporting State Regulated Agency New Way

The New Way

“Do one thing and do it well” Unix Philosophy by Peter H. Salus. was built by the founders of one of the largest online CE companies in the country. We optimize every facet of the regulated CE program without changing the regulation.’s software handles the licensee renewal process, licensee CE reporting, the education provider’s approval process and handles support issues from all CE stakeholders. Our promise is to dramatically decrease the burden of State Agencies while keeping the same education provider applications and licensee renewal forms.

With you will be able to run your CE program more efficiently, period.