Provider Name: N'faz Electrical Training Solutions
Address: 12012 Stormy Lane Little Rock, AR 72210
Phone Number: (501) 563-4823

Course Summary

Arkansas Electrical License CEU Class 2020 Home Study

  • Attendees will receive a booklet of 235 selected changes of the 2020 NEC.
  • Attendees will receive an instruction with contact information
  • Attendees will sign in on a Arkansas approved sign-in sheet
  • Attendees will go over each section of booklet ( one through four) and at the end of each section and answer the(Total of 50) questions on a answer sheet.
  • Attendees must answer 35 questions correctly to make at least 70%.
  • Section 1 covers Chapter one of 2020 NEC and has 6 questions fill in blank
  • Section 2 covers Chapter two of 2020 NEC and has 16 questions fill in blank
  • Section 3 covers Chapter three of 2020 NEC and has 15 questions fill in blank
  • Section 4 covers Chapter four of 2020 NEC and has 13 questions fill in the blank
  • Upon successful completion (70% or higher) attendees will receive a wallet certificate and a credit of 8 hours with
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Format: Correspondence
Hours: 8.00
Price: $65.00

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Agency Approval

Agency Approval Course Number Expiration
Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners 1626 12/31/2023


john w. crotts

Arkansas licensed master electrician for more than 30 years License # M- 3381 Lifetime MasterApprentice Instructor for ACEF for 30+ years 1988 to 2011Continuing Education Class instructor since 2005 to present for NFAZ Electrical Training Solutions Taught in construction management for UALR from 1999 to 2006 ( materials and methods)



By Christopher Marr on 04/08/2021

This course was well laid out and very informative.