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Grounding And Bonding - 2017

COURSE DESCRIPTIONThe general requirements for grounding and bonding of electrical installations are presented in Chapter 2 of the National Fire Protection Association 70® - National Electrical Code 2008 and 2011® Code Books. These sections cover the specific requirements such as systems, circuits, and equipment required, permitted, or not permitted to be grounded; circuit conductors; location of grounding connections; types and sizes of grounding and bonding conductors and electrodes; methods of grounding and bonding; and conditions under which guards, isolation, or insulation may be substituted for grounding. Grounding and bonding are two separate concepts. However, both processes are not mutually exclusive and their discussion may at times overlap in the requirements in Article 250 and in this course.

Learning Objectives*identify key concepts, terms, and definitions of grounding and bonding processes

*understand specific NEC requirements related to grounding and bonding processes

*outline the different equipment and processes that are governed by these requirements

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