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Continuing Education for the Electrical Professional

Course: 2017 NEC Grounding vs. Bonding, 8 hour, 1-day program

Schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day; sign-in starts at 7:30 a.m.

Format: Lecture format using Power Point slides and in-class discussion over Mike Holt’s Grounding vs. Bonding book, changes made to this edition.

Optional Book: “Grounding vs. Bonding” By: Mike Holt

Textbook 2017 NEC National Electical Code

Instructor 1: Jeff Larus, Master Electrician, Licensed Elecrtrical Inspector

Instructor 2: Steve Arne: Certified Technical Educator, Licensed Electrical Contractor, Master Electrician, Licensed Electrical Inspector

Objectives: Provide a review of important Code requirements and information on Grounding vs.


Criteria used to identify successful course completion:

Daily attendance sign-in sheets and instructor observation of attendance/application.

Course Outline:

Part I. General

Scope: 250.1

Definition: 250.2

General Requirements for Grounding and Bonding: 250.4

Objectionable Current: 250.6

Termination of Grounding and Bonding Conductors: 250.8

Protection of Fittings: 250.10

Clean Surfaces: 250.12

Part II. System Grounding and Bonding

Systems Required to be Grounded: 250.20

Ungrounded Systems—50V to 1,000V: 250.21

Service Equipment—Grounding and Bonding: 250.24

Main Bonding Jumper and System Bonding Jumper: 250.28

Separately Derived Systems—Grounding and Bonding: 250.30

Buildings Supplied by a Feeder: 250.32

Generators—Portable and Vehicle-Mounted: 250.34

Permanently Installed Generators: 250.35

High-Impedance Grounded Systems: 250.36

Part III. Grounding Electrode System and Grounding

Electrode Conductor

Grounding Electrode System: 250.50

Grounding Electrode Types: 250.52

Grounding Electrode Installation Requirements: 250.53

Auxiliary Grounding Electrodes: 250.54

Lightning Protection Electrode: 250.60

Grounding Electrode Conductor: 250.62

Grounding Electrode Conductor Installation: 250.64

Sizing Grounding Electrode Conductor: 250.66

Termination to the Grounding Electrode: 250.68

Grounding Electrode Conductor Termination Fittings: 250.70

Part IV. Grounding Enclosure, Raceway, and Service Cable


Service Raceways and Enclosures: 250.80

Other Enclosures: 250.86

Part V. Bonding

General: 250.90

Bonding Equipment for Services: 250.92

Intersystem Bonding Termination: 250.94

Bonding Other Enclosures: 250.96

Bonding Metal Parts Containing 277V and 480V Circuits: 250.97

Bonding Loosely Jointed Metal Raceways: 250.98

Bonding in Hazardous (Classified) Locations: 250.100

Bonding Conductors and Jumpers: 250.102

Bonding of Piping Systems and Exposed Structural Metal: 250.104

Lightning Protection System: 250.106

Part VI. Equipment Grounding and Equipment

Grounding Conductors

Fixed Equipment Connected by Permanent Wiring

Methods—General: 250.110

Specific Equipment Fastened in Place or Connected by permanent

Wiring Methods: 250.112

Cord-and Plug-Connected Equipment: 250.114

Types of Equipment Grounding Conductors: 250.118

Identification of Equipment Grounding Conductors: 250.119

Equipment Grounding Conductor Installation: 250.120

Use of Equipment Grounding Conductors: 250.121

Sizing Equipment Grounding Conductor: 250.122

Part VII: Methods of Equipment Grounding

Equipment Grounding Conductor Connections: 250.130

Equipment Connected by Permanent Wiring Methods: 250.134

Equipment Considered Grounded: 250.136

Cord-and-Plug-Connected Equipment: 250.138

Ranges, Ovens, and Clothes Dryers: 250.140

Use of Neutral Conductor for Equipment Grounding: 250.142

Connecting Receptacle Grounding Terminal to

Metal Enclosure: 250.146

Continuity and Attachment of Equipment Grounding

Conductors in Metal Boxes: 250.14

AETech Electrical Training Center pledges to do our best to provide the opportunity for a meaningful, quality learning experience. Student involvement in the learning activities will provide the best opportunity to learn from the seminar. AETech Inc. and any Instructor in our employ (here-after corporately referred to as AETech) will provide technically and legally correct information to the best of our knowledge, however AETech does not take responsibility for any student application of the National Electrical Code or electrical wiring methods. The final authority on any interpretation or application of the National Electrical Code is the Authority Having Jurisdiction, which in most cases is your local Inspector. In registering for this seminar, the student acknowledges that AETech will serve as a learning facilitator, and the responsibility for correctly interpreting and applying the material studied lies with the student. The student agrees to hold AETech harmless for any consequences of an electrical installation or undertaking which could be in any way construed to be a result from attendance at this seminar. The student further agrees that the limit of liability for any claim of any nature arising from attendance at this seminar will be the refund of tuition paid, upon return of any books or materials included in the tuition cost.

Note: State “reciprocal” acceptance of CEU classes can change without notice; be sure to check with the state from which you wish to receive credit to verify that they will accept our classes.


All references herein to the National Electrical Code, "The code", or "NEC" are references to The National Electrical Code, 2014 published by The National Fire Protection Association of Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA.

Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Understanding NEC Requirements for Grounding vs. Bonding; Based on the 2014 NEC Electrical Code Book. ISBN 978-1-932685-78-7

Additional books, video training classes and resources are available at our web site:

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Course Schedule

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Nebraska State Electrical Division 18-009-003 12/31/2018


Jeff Larus



RAPID CITY, SD 57702-4370 (home) (work)

721-8810 (home

394-4120 (work)

Graduated from Western Dakota Tech Vocational Technical School with Diplomas in:

Industrial Electronics

Electronic Technology

Employed by the City of Rapid City for the past Twenty-Four Years

Current position as Chief Electrical Inspector

Professional Board Memberships

Vice President South Dakota Electrical Chapter

President Black Hills Chapter South Dakota Electrical Council

Licenses and Certifications held that were received by exam:

South Dakota Electrical Commission

Electrical Inspector #145

Journeyman Electrician #2235

City of Rapid City

Master Electrician

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

Certified Mechanical Inspector #090328

Certified Plumbing Inspector #098600

International Conference of Building Officials

Building Inspector #0871480-10

Electrical Inspector #0871480-20

Plumbing Inspector #0871480-34

Mechanical Inspector #0871480-44

Combination Inspector #0871480-50

Electrical Plans Examiner #0871480-E3

Mechanical Plans Examiner #0871480-M3

South Dakota Emergency Medical Technician #14177

South Dakota Certified Rescue Technician

South Dakota Firefighter 1

American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR/AED


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