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2017 NEC Changes

This online course will review some of the most important National Electrical Code changes from the

2017 NEC. Changes from the addition of new articles to Article 712 will be covered.

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Agency Approval

Agency Approval Course Number Expiration
Nebraska State Electrical Division 18-131-006 12/31/2018


Jerry Durham

Jerry Durham writes and develops course curriculum for JADE Learning, drawing from his 15 years in the electrical industry.



By Brian Kimball on December, 28 2018

Some of the code changes you will only need if you are a engineer but interesting tho


By Gene Vogel on December, 27 2018

Great! Challenging and interesting!


By Douglass Parks on December, 26 2018


By Anthony Horton on December, 18 2018

Great service


By Michael Polenz on December, 17 2018


By John Gingerich on December, 07 2018


By Anthony Ahern on December, 03 2018

In my opinion I learn more about specific code changes from this online course. Plus you have the flexibility to take it at your own pace and work on it whenever you have time rather than scheduling 1.5-2 days of classroom time.


By David Walker on November, 26 2018


By James Seiler on November, 16 2018

No need for (I am more clever than you) questions designed solely to trip people up with keyword verbiage.


By Randy Hunnicutt on November, 09 2018

It was efficient and I gained some knowledge


By Gregory Gascoigne on November, 08 2018

I thought the process might end up being difficult, however it wasn't. The online class worked well for me, as I was currently out of State and needed the Continuing Education hours. Good program!


By Roy Pollack on November, 01 2018

Course had many repetitive questions on the same topic. Course did not cover Articles 725, 760, or Chapter 8


By Jeffrey Wetzel on October, 27 2018

I enjoyed being able to take this course on line. It allowed my to receive all pertinent NEC up dates in the 2017 code for my continuing education with the security that I took this course. These measures should be adopted on all online continuing education course to prevent any and or all identity theft for professional licenses such as mine.


By Koby Loberg on October, 24 2018

Better than sitting in a class discussing things that have zero to do with your career field.


By Terence Jonak on October, 22 2018


By Jason Trenhaile on October, 22 2018


By Mike Wheatley on October, 04 2018

Very descriptive an full of the proper info


By Christopher Karnes on September, 28 2018

I was able to give the time when I had and the information stayed more fresh that way.


By Frank Dush on July, 18 2018

This was a good course and you learn more than listening to an instructor.


By Michael Thomas on June, 14 2018

The course was well layed out and informative. I really liked that I could do the course at my own pace.


By Tyler Dewitt on June, 14 2018