Provider Name: WLN Enterprises Inc.
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Electricians test Preparatory Class

Electrical licensure and testing is a requirements of many state, county, and/or local governments. Theses sessions are designed to assist in developing test taking skills for those individuals who have a working knowledge of the trade, the materials, terms, and a familiarity of the NEC (r). Note that it is not a requirement to be an expert in the Code as even licensed individuals may benefit from refreshment of the standards. Trough use of the Code in the sessions and in-class tests as well as homewprk, yes, HOMEWORK (!), participants will reacquaint themselves with the basics of the NEC. It is recommended that attending students have a current copy of the Codebook for the class.
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Format: Classroom
Hours: 16.00
Price: Varies

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Agency Approval

Agency Approval Course Number Expiration
Nebraska State Electrical Division 18-017-302 12/31/2018


William Noack

I am the founder of WLN Enterprises, inc. I have been an electrician for over 50 years, and an educator for close to 40. I do still teach on occasion, although I am getting close to retirement now.


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