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StateReporting's Edge for Education Providers

Simplified Application Process

How many hours have you spent researching laws, reading through applications and course materials, just to have your application denied because of an oversight? lays out the application process in a simple linear format so that you can focus on teaching!

Targeted Advertising

Make your advertising efforts count!’s specialized search tools for licensees ensures that your courses get seen by the people that want to take them.

Simplified Reporting

Reporting course completions can be a hassle with multiple systems and formats used by different agencies. With’s software we automate the reporting process so you can report entire rosters of students in seconds.

Easy Program Maintenance

State Reporting offers a platform where a provider can easily see every application, communicate with agencies through the process, recover documents for compliance records, and process course renewals across multiple states and boards.

Assure Your Courses are Seen

Are you teaching the best course out there and no one is showing up for class?’s rating system ensures that licensees' voices are heard. When a licensee reviews your course positively, other professionals in the field know.

Control of Your Provider Information

One easy access point to maintain your provider information with every state board. Simply update your address, phone number, manager, instructors, and more with and all state agencies will be notified of the change. Automates Education Provider Processes becomes the hub for licensing and education programs, including licensee CE reporting, education provider listings and education provider application processes.