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2019 Mandatory - LREC Updates & Addenda

In this course, we will discuss the updates made to the Purchase Agreement. We will examine the updates made in 2017 as well as 2018, all of which are incorporated into the current Purchase Agreement. We will also examine in-depth the sections on Financing, Curative work, and Inspections. We will explore what is customary, what is required, and what actions may incur liability on the part of the Licensee. In conjunction with the examination of the Purchase Agreement, we will refer to and analyze the addenda, both mandatory and suggested, that may be used when filling out a Purchase Agreement. Finally, we will examine the new features associated with the updated MyLREC portal.
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Louisiana Real Estate Commission 0256 02/28/2022


Chris Donaldson

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By Latasha Lumar on 09/12/2019


By George Rinaldi on 09/12/2019


By Gwen Eschete on 09/06/2019

Did this with Donaldson's on internet, very satsified, as always.


By Raymond Gratia on 09/05/2019

Course was replete with redundancy, the questions on the quizzes dealt with older versions of the purchase agreement instead of the current version. At least the Final Exam asked questions on the relevant documents.


By Vincent De Salvo on 09/05/2019


By Alana Morgan on 08/13/2019


By Kevin Friloux on 08/06/2019

Very clearly put together course.