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2020 Mandatory - Fair Housing and Cultural Diversity

This four hour interactive course lays the foundation and covers the essentials of State and Federal Fair Housing Laws and Protected Classes. This course is delivered through lecture, open discussion and games. Students will walk away with an elevated understanding on fair housing laws, cultural diversity and inclusion.
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Course Schedule

There are no classroom dates currently scheduled.

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As a certified instructor with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, Adam regularly teaches classes for real estate agents. He enjoys developing new topics and sharing trending news that will benefit not just the agent, but also the consumer.

A natural conversationalist, Adam had a diverse career in both the legal world as well as in sales and marketing. Adam graduated from Mississippi State University where he received his B.S. in Political Science, followed by receiving his Juris Doctorate from the University of Alabama's School of Law. When Adam is not engaged with clients or solving title issues, he is coaching his son's baseball team and enjoying outdoor adventures with his wife and their two children. No matter the audience, Adam is a people person and finds fulfillment sharing his legal stories and personal experiences with the intent to help others.

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Nathan enjoys spending time outdoors, the Saints and LSU athletics. When he is not closing deals, Nathan spends a lot of his time in Sweden. Should the need arise, Nathan is more than happy to conduct your real estate closing in Swedish.

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A native of Baton Rouge, Olivia received her B.S. and Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University. She has two Fantasy Football championships, but has lost count on how many times she has been to Disney World; and yes, she will return your calls to ensure the happiest place on Earth is at her closing table.

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Roxanne received her B.A. in English with a minor in French from Louisiana State University, and her Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University, Paul M. Hebert Law Center. She is a member of the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors and the Louisiana Bar Association.

When she is not practicing real estate law, Roxanne enjoys spending time with her four children. She also enjoys playing the guitar and sings for fun. Back in the day she won contests singing competitively, but has since passed that torch to her kids, who also share a love for music.



By Mary Pipes on 03/13/2020



By William Baker on 02/17/2020

Instructors made material interesting and entertaining by incorporating video, group quizzes, etc.


By Shari Boudreaux on 02/14/2020

Very Good!!


By Amy Poyadou on 02/13/2020

I always learn something new in these classes that are very important to our jobs!


By Mary Musgrave on 02/13/2020


By Catherine Frame on 02/13/2020


By Cynthia Hemm on 02/13/2020

Great presentation


By Debbora Hoover on 02/13/2020

he did a great job


By Margie Inman on 02/13/2020


By Sidney Alexander on 02/13/2020

I thought Adam did an outstanding job of keeping a very difficult subject interesting for 4 hours. Not easy to do!


By Austin Marquette on 01/23/2020


By Thomas Miller on 01/23/2020 [Updated]

Adam always does a great job!


By Cheryl Bush on 01/23/2020

Excellent presenter - very thorough coverage if subject matter and pertinent, realistic examples


By Cindy Saia on 01/22/2020

Instructor Adam Beckman was excellent in his presentation of this class.


By Carla Kelly on 01/22/2020


By Marymargaret Kean on 01/15/2020


By Nina Gensler on 01/14/2020


By Madeleine Wallace on 01/14/2020

The film clips, though a little over-dramatized, and the games made this material memorable. This is a very relevant topic in today's world.


By Julie Villafane on 01/13/2020


By Brittany English on 01/13/2020


By Josie Degrusha on 01/13/2020

The history and presenter made it interesting. The NAR inserts were informative. The scenarios were helpful. Explaining each one was great. Showing what may change was something to know before the change.


By Maria Diaz on 01/13/2020

Very interesting


By Aloysia Everett on 01/13/2020

Great presentation.


By Jill Wall on 01/13/2020


By Linda Dennis on 01/13/2020


By Virginia Adams on 01/13/2020


By Christine Radcliffe on 01/13/2020

This was the best class ever! No one was falling asleep The interaction with the trivia questions was the best for learning and attention.


By Amey French on 01/13/2020

While the presenter was good, I find myself being frustrated at the presentation content. From the videos chosen to the text, it paints whites as the only ones who commit racism in housing. It is well noted there are many Muslim no go areas where whites and Jews and police are not welcome. There are many black neighborhoods that are not welcoming of whites and resent the gentrification of their neighborhoods. We have seen violence committed by blacks towards whites and Jews as well as the racist teaching of Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Wright. After having spent much time in China over three years, I learned through my fiance's Chinese secretary that they do not care for Indians, the Uyghurs or those with darker skin. We have real estate agents that are black, Hispanic, Chinese, Muslim, etc. These cultures are not always accepting of those different from theirs thus, are certainly capable of racism in housing. I would like to see this topic of racism in housing presented from a point that reflects that. Whites are not the only race capable of racism in housing, all races being capable of racism and inherent bias.


By Rhenda Saporito on 01/13/2020


By Senem Isim on 01/13/2020

Informative and fun


By Michele Branigan on 01/13/2020

This course had an interactive component that all attendees could use their phones to participate. I thought this was clever and made it more engaging.