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Agency (and Agent) Disaster Planning

This course raises awareness of the possibility of a data breach by way of hacking, server crash, or natural disaster. In this course, we will define basic terms and concepts relating to data privacy and expand on how they relate to privacy issues in your real estate business. We will outline habits that may create weak points in data privacy when information is sent and received between agents. You will also learn ways to safeguard your business not only from Cyber attacks but in events of server crashes or system failures. We will also discuss managing your business in the digital age by addressing media and/or social media responses to unfortunate events that may occur within the office.
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Course Schedule

There are no classroom dates currently scheduled.

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Louisiana Real Estate Commission 0153 12/31/2020


Brent Lancaster

Brent combines his love of the business of real estate with his passion for education. He offers a variety of solutions to the challenges that agent's face in today's real estate environment. He believes in delivering tools agents can use immediately to improve the quality and efficiency of their business.

In 2005, he became to broker/owner of his own real estate company, Brent Lancaster and Associates, LLC for the last 15 years, Brent has been delivering high quality course content with one of the nation's oldest real estate school- Bob Brooks School. Since 1971 Bob brooks school has trained many generations of real estate agents

Under Brent's vision, Bob Brooks School has now gone fully digital and portable. His virtual On-Live classes have reached thousands of students and have become a tremendous success.



By Mary Reap on 10/14/2019

This course was average.


By Elaine Smith on 09/06/2019


By Brandon Crume on 11/29/2018

I felt like the class was extremely relevant to todays times and should be a requirement for all agents. We we have too many uniformed agents that click on the wrong emails and do not even know what they did wrong.


By Taylor Pyles on 11/29/2018


By Glenn Leblanc on 11/21/2018

Excellent program. In these times everyone in trust businesses should be made accutely Aware


By Judith Daigle on 11/21/2018

This course was very interesting and I learned a lot from it. Thank you for the valuable class.