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Conquering Your Business: Be in Charge, Take Action, Get Results!

This topic focuses on developing soft skills for the licensee. While sales skills are important for real estate practitioners in order to stay in compliance with the law and rules and regulations, today’s consumers are being underserved because some practitioners lack communication skills. Erin Marcus is an experienced business coach and has worked with professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry. Marcus’ topics teaches attendees how to create powerful and effective conversations when dealing with the consumers. Each day there are consequences to the conversations we have. When they go well, they lead to closer relationships, more sales, happier customers. When they go poorly, the consequences are hurt feelings, lost money, lost opportunities, legal and financial risks, and more stress.
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There are no classroom dates currently scheduled.

Course Schedule

There are no classroom dates currently scheduled.

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Louisiana Real Estate Commission 8090-0002 12/31/2019


Erin Marcus

Erin Marcus is a talented speaker and business coach whose focus is creating powerful connections and developing an authentic place of service. Marcus has worked with audiences all over the country and will deliver a road map for designing better communications to attract the key prospects that will grow your business.



By Scott Saporito on 10/09/2019


By Lidia Fava-mann on 10/09/2019

It was interesting!!


By Todd Fletcher on 10/05/2019


By Rosalind Thibodeaux on 10/02/2019

This was more motivating than educational. I found it all very useful in helping me to "get up and go"


By Carolyn Grimsley on 10/02/2019

Could have been a shorter class and made the same points. Speaker was fun and I enjoyed the examples.


By Doneva Halphen on 10/01/2019


By Janice Bolton on 10/01/2019


By Jessica Richard-Boudreaux on 10/01/2019


By Ginger Wiggins on 10/01/2019