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Flood Insurance Course for Louisiana Real Estate Licensees

This course provides an overview of flood insurance followed by a look at the impacts that updatedFlood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) can have on insurance cost and the options that are available. It willreview impacts of recent NFIP reform legislation as well as recent and upcoming changes to the NFIP.The attendees will also be provided an update on the private flood insurance market. Estimated lengthof each section is provided in parenthesis. This is a 2-hour course and time will be provided forquestions.
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Format: Classroom
Hours: 2.00
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Course Schedule

There are no classroom dates currently scheduled.

Course Schedule

There are no classroom dates currently scheduled.

Agency Approval

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Louisiana Real Estate Commission 0431 07/09/2022


Bruce A. Bender

Bruce A. Bender, CFM / Insurance Outreach Specialist

Bruce brings 25+ year of experience working with the National Flood Insurance Program,

including running a large Write Your Own flood insurance program, managing an insurance

agency, and acting as a flood insurance Subject Matter Specialist for FEMA, state, county and

local communities and associations. Bruce has supported post-flood disaster response and

recovery. He has developed state and local partnerships and engaged communities while

supporting FEMA’s national mapping and outreach programs with insurance expertise. He has

designed and implemented successful outreach strategies and communications that increased

stakeholder and public awareness at the local level. Bruce is an active presenter, trainer and

facilitator for conferences and webinars related to federal and private flood insurance, CRS, flood

map changes, risk communication and floodplain management. He has developed a private

flood insurance program, participated in several insurance-related research projects, and has

been an expert witness in flood insurance court cases.



By Renee Bachaleda on 08/20/2019

Not enough time to hear everything he wanted to tell us.


By Vickie Arnold on 08/15/2019

Very Interesting class


By Iris Davis on 08/15/2019 [Updated]

Good content but a lot to digest in two hours. Speaker was good and informative.


By Shawond Overstreet on 08/15/2019

I enjoyed the speaker and his delivery!


By Marleen James on 08/14/2019

Very good course. Needs to be longer. Two hours is not long enough! Knowledgeable teacher.


By Yvonne Dupont on 08/14/2019

Wonderful class and extremely informative and eye opening.! Thanks for having this class! I learned so much!


By Sandra Jacobs on 08/14/2019


By Cassandra Rosby on 08/14/2019

Excellent course.


By Bruce Macmorran on 08/14/2019


By Mary Morrison on 08/14/2019