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Real Estate Taxes

Most people have questions about taxes in a real estate transaction. It may not be apparent, but taxation is an indirect—yet important—factor affecting the value of property. In this course, we will see how taxes impact buying and selling real property. As a student, use this unit for general knowledge about real estate taxation; however, always refer your clients and customers to an expert for their own tax information as well as current tax laws.The federal government taxes individuals and other entities based on their earnings by means of a progressive income tax. In a progressive tax, the more you earn, the higher your tax rate. The important consideration of a progressive tax is that the taxpayer’s obligation increases as income increases, moving the taxpayer to higher tax brackets. One of the reasons for buying real estate is to get relief from taxes.The tax benefits of homeownership differ from those available to owners of investment property. The legal reduction of tax liability, otherwise known as a tax shelter, is available to all owners of a primary residence as well as to a taxpayer owning investment property. However, different rules apply to each type of property. The rules must be followed carefully to earn the desired tax shelter.
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Paul Lorenzen

Paul is a commercial real estate broker and appraiser in Nampa, Idaho. Mr. Lorenzen graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 1970 and has been active in all forms of commercial and investment real estate since 1976. He holds the CCIM designation from the CCIM Institute, the CPM designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management, the CSM designation from the International Council of Shopping Centers, and the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute.

Mr. Lorenzen has written and taught numerous real estate seminars for Realtor® organizations, the Nevada Real Estate Division, and private real estate schools. He also has written and taught college courses and professional continuing education classes in both California and Nevada. He is a Certified Instructor for the Idaho Real Estate Commission teaching the Valuation and Analysis course, a required course for real estate broker licensing. He also holds the CDEI (Certified Distance Education Instructor) designation. He has served as expert witness in numerous real estate litigation cases providing decisive testimony in each of the three sub-disciplines of commercial real estate: marketing, management, and valuation. Additionally, Paul has written numerous articles which have been published in professional newsletters, magazines, and journals.



By Byron Stuart on 12/27/2019

The information given is good, and relevant, but the delivery method is just plain old reading material and then taking tests. Nothing special about the delivery of the information.