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What Everyone Should Know About Their Credit History

Can you imagine paying cash for all your purchases? Saving up to purchase property with 100% down? Up until relatively recently, that was the way purchasing occurred. Credit was not handed out or even solicited, and purchasing property came after years of diligent saving. Today, most consumer goods, and property is purchased with mortgage credit. It is estimated that 80% of consumer goods, and 70% of all residential properties are purchased with credit. Even with the prevalence of credit, recent events and changes in credit availability have led to many potential property buyers being unable to afford the property they desire. Being able to counsel people on improving their financial standing can not only improve your service to current clients, it can also be used as a marketing tool to attract and help new clients!

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By Jacquelyn Frick on 12/31/2019


By Delilah Brewer on 12/31/2019


By Jeanine Bridges on 12/16/2019

Dry but informative.


By Michael Truax on 12/16/2019


By Charles Mullin on 12/11/2019

Although only somewhat relevant to my commercial real estate practice, this is a very informative course for anyone.


By Sherry Sheridan on 07/02/2019

Company did not report my hours which caused problems. Sent email. No response. Followed up, and six months later my hours were finally reported. But, online course was user friendly.


By Robert Mcclendon on 01/02/2019


By Catherine Barton on 12/28/2018


By Lisa Hunt on 12/04/2018

Good course on credit history, credit scores and how they impact home buyers and the real estate world.


By Anthony Janca on 10/23/2018