Provider Name: Plumbers Training Institute
Address: 3135 Logan Valley Rd Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone Number: (800) 727-7104

Course Summary

Pricing Plumbing for Profit

Downloadable worksheets that you can customize to your own business are included! This course can be added to our 2hr code course for a full renewal package! This video course is designed to help anyone who is either thinking of starting up their own plumbing business, or who wants to be confident that they will operate at a profit. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to accurately account for all your costs, and then apply those costs to an estimate. Running a successful plumbing business requires careful attention to detail by accounting for all costs associated with the business, and charging the customer enough to make a profit.
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Format: Online
Hours: 2.00
Price: $59.00

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Agency Approval

Agency Approval Course Number Expiration
South Dakota Plumbing Commission CE0063 09/26/2020


Randy Drake

More than 32 years experience in the plumbing industry

Founded a successful plumbing installation and service business in 1993 (Sold in 2013)

Highly organized with strong communication skills

Acquired over 4000 residential and commercial accounts

Currently hold Master Plumbing license in Michigan (Journeyman in ’88, Master in ’93)

Previously held Master Plumbers license in Virginia

Previously passed all testing to acquire plumbing license in Florida

Previously held a real estate license, life insurance license, and health insurance license


No reviews at this time.