Provider Name: Plumbers Training Institute
Address: 3135 Logan Valley Rd Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone Number: (800) 727-7104

Course Summary

SD Plan Reading for Plumbers 1HR CE

The ability to interpret plumbing blueprints and successfully install the required plumbing systems is an essential skill. Prints provide the details you need regarding types and sizes of sinks to the location of gas lines, drains and vents. This video course outlines the general layout of both residential and commercial plans, identifying and detailing schedules, legends, symbols and engineering instructions.
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Format: Online
Hours: 1.00
Price: $19.00

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Agency Approval

Agency Approval Course Number Expiration
South Dakota Plumbing Commission CE0037 03/06/2020
South Dakota Plumbing Commission CE0073 12/11/2021


Randy Drake

More than 32 years experience in the plumbing industry

Founded a successful plumbing installation and service business in 1993 (Sold in 2013)

Highly organized with strong communication skills

Acquired over 4000 residential and commercial accounts

Currently hold Master Plumbing license in Michigan (Journeyman in ’88, Master in ’93)

Previously held Master Plumbers license in Virginia

Previously passed all testing to acquire plumbing license in Florida

Previously held a real estate license, life insurance license, and health insurance license


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